She is a qualified social justice and political activist, specialising in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. Migrant Women, employability and leadership are her top priorities.

Over her professional career, she has gained relevant experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, life experiences and ages. This includes providing the necessary support to assist them in achieving their personal, educational, and professional goals. As a result, she developed a genuine passion for working and advocating for the rights of people through mobilising the communities and empowering individuals to think creatively.

Alongside her works experience, she put herself forward as a political candidate in the Tallaght Central Ward of South Dublin County Council in the Local Elections 2019 as a Social Democrats candidate with a fresh and innovative approach; In a short period, she managed to run and lead her own, campaign; the indicators of performance shows that she got the highest number of first preferences from the 47 migrants candidate that didn’t get elected; as part of her campaign, she was advocating for more diverse and inclusive voices in the Irish political framework. Sandra is also passionate about dancing salsa, plants, arts, and spending time with her family.

Alongside her works experience, Sandra is passionate about dancing salsa, plants, and arts. Her family is a multilingual and multiracial family with beautiful and loving harmony, where France, Spain and Ireland connected all the dots. She is a Sign Language lover.

She truly believes education and employment play essential roles in empowering, strengthening, and restoring human dignity.