Dr. Nina Watson

(770) 686-7052

Dr. Nina Watson, also known as Dr. Nina, is a board-certified, nationally recognized diagnostic radiologist, breast imaging specialist, and passionate fitness advocate. Dr. Nina received her education and training at the nation’s leading institutions of higher learning, including Tulane University, Yale University School of Medicine, and Columbia University-New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she completed her fellowship training in breast imaging. Since earning her medical degree, Dr. Nina has practiced in leading academic and research hospitals, high-volume, fast-paced environments, as well as vital community and city hospitals. In her practice, she has had the privilege of treating a diverse range of patient populations and is dedicated to connecting our nation’s most underserved communities to quality care.

Throughout her career, Dr. Nina has also taught and mentored the next generation of physicians at top academic hospitals and serves on multiple national committees as a leader in the field of radiology and breast imaging. With experience in education, research, protocol and guideline development, as well as direct clinical care, Dr. Nina has become a recognized expert in the interpretation of screening and diagnostic 2D and tomosynthesis mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and MRI exams. She extends this expertise with medical professionals and innovators to advance the latest interventional breast procedures.

Dr. Nina’s extensive and unique experience makes her a sought-after media resource, speaker, consultant, and subject matter expert on a wide range of complex topics and issues related to breast cancer detection, health, wellness, and fitness. In addition to her successful career as a physician, consultant, and speaker, Dr. Nina has built a thriving brand as a fitness expert and advocate who empowers women to be fit and live fiercely.

Dr. Nina has followed her passion for health and wellness around the globe. Volunteering her time and expertise, she worked to identify and eliminate disparities in radiology for Liberia’s underserved patient populations. Collaborating with a nonprofit organization, Dr. Nina taught and trained second-year medical students, residents, and attending physicians in Monrovia’s resource-limited hospitals, helping them build sustainable and effective radiology services. An avid international traveler, Dr. Nina enjoys immersing herself in new cultural experiences as well as good books. She believes that learning is a lifelong endeavor.